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OnSolve Provides the Complete Solution

OnSolve is the market leader in cloud-based notification and collaboration tools capable of delivering critical notifications and alerts for any type of event.  Whether it’s emergency situations threatening lives, or routine organizational messages, the OnSolve solutions provide the tools to communicate detailed information and instructions quickly and securely.

The OnSolve solution set began with CodeRED from Emergency Communication Network (ECN) in 1998, serving the event-based communication use cases around public safety. While most other solutions available today began to appear following the terrorist attacks on 9/11, CodeRED was already busy defining the industry. CodeRED remains the leading high-speed notification platform for government agencies of all types, capable of protecting lives and property by reaching millions of people in minutes.

In 2016, ECN significantly expanded its product portfolio with the acquisition of San Diego-based MIR3. The MIR3 solution offers business focused alerting and notification solution serving companies on a global scale. In addition to many of the world’s largest brands, federal agencies leverage the MIR3 solution to successfully maintain business continuity through critical events or natural disasters.

In June 2017, ECN further cemented its leading position in the mass notification, emergency communication, and IT alerting space with the acquisition of the Send Word Now and One Call Now platforms. With the addition of these solutions, the company chose to rebrand as OnSolve.

Send Word Now provides another world-class solution for businesses and government agencies that need to communicate and collaborate around any type of event. This enterprise-class communication solution is capable of transmitting voice and text messages to any audience in minutes, while providing a full audit trail for after-action reporting and follow-up.

The acquisition and rebranding also included the One Call Now platform, the leading solution for small businesses, educational institutions, and religious organizations. Additionally, the company includes solutions like SmartNotice and Telalert for other specific use cases with less complex notification requirements.

Every OnSolve tool is cloud-based, easy to deploy, and built specifically to ensure the exchange of critical information. In addition, OnSolve also provides developers with the ability to integrate notification and alerting functionality directly into other business systems or solutions using the complete OnSolve API library.
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